About our roses

Beautiful rose bouquet is a gift you can never go wrong with. It doesn't matter if the message is "I'm sorry", "Happy anniversary", "Happy birthday" or "I love you" roses are perfect gift in any occasion.

Our luxoryous preserved roses stay fresh at least a year, in perfect conditions even years. Isn't it perfect to gift someone the roses what decorate home as long as you still remember what was the meaning of gifting the roses.

NB! All rose bouquetes are made specialy for you - it means that roses are always fresh and dust free.

What are preserved roses that stay fresh at least a year? 
These are real roses that stay fresh in right conditions at least a year! Fiorire roses in ceramic vase are all carefully picked and preserved. Rose bouquets are hand-made. We offer best quality preserved roses from Equador.

How preserved roses are made?

Roses are all picked in the highlight of blooming. Right after the roses are picked, they are preserved with natural technology. Natural moist is removed from the roses and it will be replaced with glycerine. After that roses are colored. Retention process makes roses stay fresh for a long time. It maintains the freshness of roses.

Make yourself a rose bouque what meets all of your wishes 

Fiorire roses offer different solutions. You can create rose bouqute what meets all of your wishes.

You can choose between diffrent colors and sizes of ceramic vases:

We have white, light grey and dark grey ceramic vases for 4 roses, 6 roses, 7 roses, 8 roses, 9 roses, 13 roses, 14 roses, 15 roses and 19 roses. We can also make rose bouquets with exact number of rose heads you wish for.

The color of preserved roses

Roses in our main selection are: white, light pink, red, tiffany blue and purple. It's possible to mix different tones of roses. In addition to our main selection we have also tones like yellow, blue , dusty pink etc. Just send us the rose tone/tones  you desire and we can make you your special order.