9 white roses in caremic vase

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* Color of the vase

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To keep roses fresh keep in mind: 
* roses stay fresh about a year if you hold them in the right enviroment
• humidity under 80%
• roses are for indoor use only
• keep roses away from direct sunlight and other bright lights
• do not water the roses
• do not touch the roses


Measurements of ceramic vase: 
Diameter 15 cm 
Hight 13 cm 
Hight with the roses 17 cm  


About the rose heads in ceramic vase: 
Diameter of the rose head is 5-6 cm 
There are 9 roses in the ceramic vase


All of our preserved long-lasting roses are in ceramic vase, have handmade bow with shiny swarovski crystal on it and are free of logos.


It is possible to order roses according to your special wishes. Feel free to contact us! 


NB! These are real roses and the tone of the roses can go lighter during the time. The tone of the roses is affected by direct sunlight and other bright lights, also excessive humidity.